The C(3)EO Forum


 In 2004, several local nonprofit CEOs determined there was no vehicle for them discuss the thrills and chills of running a nonprofit organization. As one of the group explained, being the CEO of a nonprofit organization is one of the loneliness jobs you can have. There are things you can’t discuss with your board, your staff and certainly not your donors. His former boss handed him a toy mouse and instructed him that in those times, talk to mouse. Taking advantage of listserv technology (which was new and neat at the time), they formed the C(3)EO Forum (CEOs of 501 C(3) organizations (get it?) and adopted NiPy as its mascot.

Fifteen years later, the Forum is an online yahoo group is comprised of more than 340 chief executives of nonprofit organizations. Its purpose is to further strengthen the core competencies of nonprofit chief executive officers and their organizations; and to develop a better understanding of critical issues and opportunities confronting non-profit agencies.

The Forum is a moderated listserv for the CEOs of nonprofit organizations. Membership is free to all.

To join the C(3)EO Forum, simply send a blank e-mail message to