David Tabak, principal, is a professional with more than 20 years of experience in large and small nonprofit organizations, professional and social services.  He has successfully helped many organizations transitioned from high-level strategic planning to operational-level execution.  He is adept at facing challenges with calmness and even enthusiasm and has experience in all aspects of nonprofit management, including change and crisis management.  His style is collaborative, forthright, and tempered with humor, which is often an essential leadership trait for overcoming difficult challenges and achieving goals.

David is immediate past president of the board of the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston, Illinois, Vice President for Corporate Support, Jones College Preparatory High School and president of the board of The Viola Project in Chicago, Illinois.  

In 2004, David founded the C(3)EO Forum, an online community of more than 300 nonprofit chief executive officers who share confidential and candid advice and essential resources.  If you are the chief executive officer of a nonprofit organization and wish to join the C(3)EO Forum, please send an email with a blank subject line and no text in the body of the message to c3eo-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.  

Ten Reasons to Work with Me

  1. I am experienced at running nonprofit organizations and leading nonprofit boards.
  2. I am creative and resilient.
  3. I am boundlessly optimistic, yet realistic.
  4. When things change, I will be there.
  5. I know the value of strategic partnerships.
  6. My solutions are accessible and actionable.  
  7. I am collaborative and empowering.  
  8. I understand what can be done on a limited budget.
  9. I can always find humor in stressful situations.
  10. I will always call you back.

Step one: contact me to see how I might help.