Getting From Here to There - A Tactical Guide to Strategic Planning

This was an excellent program overall that provided me with a good insight into the most significant operational, marketing and practical management issues facing the lawyer referral process from multiple perspectives. This gave me a very good handle on understanding the work, objectives and needs of [my department] and will be beneficial in my capacity as its liaison to the Board of Governors. 

— Attendee at the American Bar Association National Lawyer Referral Workshop, Albuquerque, NM

Most strategic plans end up on the executive director's shelf because more energy was placed on the goals instead of the tactics.  In this webinar, you will learn how to take a tactical approach to strategic planning, engaging your leadership, staff, clients and partners in a coherent and achievable future.  

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Getting to Yes - Building a Fundraising Board

David Tabak was able to engage my Board of Directors and show them that development is not a painful process. Already, I have several members who had shied away from fundraising in the past taking the initiative to help grow our resources. We will continue to use David as a source of inspiration and motivation, and I would highly recommend him to any other nonprofit organization. 

— Phyllis J. Anderson, Executive Director, Foundation for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

It is one of the most frequent complaints from nonprofit leadership: "I can’t get my board to fundraise.

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The Tactical Strategic Plan - Getting from Here to There

David Tabak was a great choice for our strategic planning consultant. He has been very attentive throughout the process; he is insightful and knowledgeable in the non-profit sphere; an astute facilitator who demonstrates a balanced approach and good humor while keeping the process on task toward a productive outcome.
— Stephanie Bugos, Business Law Section, New York State Bar Association

Too often, good strategic plans are relegated to the executive director's shelf to gather dust. The cause? All the energy went into the planning phase and not in the execution of the plan. This presentation examines the impediments to effective strategic planning and how to develop a tactical strategic plan in which the board and staff daily activities lead to the attainment of strategic goals.  

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In this presentation, we will cover: 

  • The importance of strategic planning to achieve your mission.What causes strategic plans to falter.Accomplish strategic goals through the execution of daily tactics.Developing a process to ensure objectives are being met and how to deal with challenges.

  • How a strategic plan can engage board, staff, clients and funders.

Evolving Your Board

Some organizations have the best of intentions and deep down understand what is ailing them yet it takes someone else to come in and draw clarity. In our case, David did a great job of understanding our organizational issues from a lot of different perspectives and then he drew us together to develop a simple plan to move us forward. I hate to say it is a tree and a forest thing, but he helped us get past the tree in front of us and navigate a path through an immense forest.
— Brad Bartels, Board President, Oak Park Festival Theatre

People join boards for a various reasons -- a desire to do good, because a trusted friend asked them to or because their employer required it.  Whatever their reasons, very few people have a fundamental understanding of what it means to be a board members and, as a consequence, bad board practices continue for years, causing frustrations on the behalf of board members and staff alike.  By committing to an effective board training regimen, an organization can benefit from engaged board members.

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In this presentation, we will explore:

  • The reasons people join boards.

  • The reasons people join boards.

  • The typical board member's priorities.

  • What are we asking board members to do?

  • The lifecycle of a board member.

  • The three modes of board governance.