David Tabak was a fantastic facilitator at our strategic planning retreat. David conducted thorough interviews of board members and staff to distill common objectives and areas of conflict. He then skillfully guided our daylong meeting and did a great job managing the big personalities in the room. With David’s assistance, we revised our mission statement to more accurately reflect our values, established clear goals, and identified strategies to succeed into the future. David is thoughtful and professional, and he has the full recommendation of the entire Illinois Economic Policy Institute Board of Directors and staff.

— Frank Manzo IV, Policy Director of the Illinois Economic Policy Institute


David led our two-day strategic planning meeting. His in-depth understanding of associations and how they function was paramount in directing our members. He gently but firmly kept a group of strong personalities engaged and focused. His leadership and sense of humor helped make what could have been a tedious process seemingly swift and enjoyable. I have already recommended David to my colleagues. He’s terrific!

— Veronica M. Muñoz, Director American Bar Association Section of Litigation

David provided three very different seminars for our Committee. He exceeded my high expectations in all three instances. His preparation was extensive including gathering information from leaders in the field, reading background material, and multiple discussions with me to ensure that he understood the audience and the goals for each program. I would highly recommend David for any program.

— Jane Nosbich, Staff Counsel, American Bar Association Division for Legal Services

David did his homework! Rather than the typical boiler-plate presentation about Fundraising 101, David tailored his discussion using data and survey feedback relevant to our organization’s position. His easy-going manner immediately relaxed our board members who were anticipating a tense discussion about fundraising. David kept development concepts simple and clear and left the board in a state of excitement about our future fundraising prospects.

— Heidi Ruehle-May, Executive Director, Pleasant Home Foundation

David facilitated our board retreat. Even with short notice and a remarkable collection of strong personalities, David guided us through a packed agenda with insight and humor. He brings the wisdom of experience, a genuine respect for those engaging in this challenging work, and a willingness to learn from others. My board of high-achievers felt their time with David was well spent; that’s priceless.

— Leslie Ramyk, Executive Director, Illinois Association of Free & Charitable Clinics

I am deeply grateful to have had David Tabak by my side during my most recent hiring adventure. His objectivity, analytical skills and diplomacy were indispensable in this critical process. He’s highly effective, an excellent communicator and always refreshingly reliable.

— David Sutton, Sutton Studios

David Tabak was able to engage my Board of Directors and show them that development is not a painful process. Already, I have several members who had shied away from fundraising in the past taking the initiative to help grow our resources. We will continue to use David as a source of inspiration and motivation, and I would highly recommend him to any other nonprofit organization.

— Phyllis J. Anderson, Executive Director, Foundation for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

David was a consummate professional, always seeking the most advantageous path for our group as we struggled with some of the more thorny issues facing the Section. Patient yet firm, he allowed us to find our way without tumbling too far off track. Always open to comments, yet kept us on task in what could have been an interminable process. Our Section sees success ahead as a result of our time with David.

— Sarah Gold, Chair, New York State Bar Association Business Law Section

Some organizations have the best of intentions and deep down understand what is ailing them yet it takes someone else to come in and draw clarity. In our case, David did a great job of understanding our organizational issues from a lot of different perspectives and then he drew us together to develop a simple plan to move us forward. I hate to say it is a tree and a forest thing, but he helped us get past the tree in front of us and navigate a path through an immense forest.

— Brad Bartels, Board President, Oak Park Festival Theatre

David managed to bring together multiple entities with competing priorities to form a set of unified goals for the overarching work of the Center. His extensive non-profit background and analysis of our current environment allowed him to lead several thought-provoking discussions with staff and leadership that offered a voice to all.

— Angela Burke, Director, Program and Planning American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility.