When I first started working with David Tabak and Tabak Nonprofit Strategies, I had been running my human services company for nearly two decades. And I was miserable. I didn’t exactly know the reason(s); I just knew that the business side of things wasn’t working for me. David accepted and engaged my rambling mind in our earliest conversations. And as time went on he helped me develop great clarity and focus. In the end, we put together a sound, rational plan to allow my organization to grow to its fullest potential. And now I am excited about the future!!!

— Billy Kaplan, LCSW, President & Clinical Director House Call Counseling

Business Services

Using hands to form a square to imagine a bright future

Business Planning

Running your business can be a daily struggle just to keep your customers and employees happy with little time to consider what comes next or even if you are doing the right things today. By taking the time to engage in business planning, you can make necessary changes, consider new opportunities and launch new initiatives that will increase your revenue, improve staff morale and enhance your personal and professional satisfaction.

Staff Retreats

Miscommunication and confusion can lead to low morale and stress for owner and employees alike. It is amazing what can happen when you go off site, disconnect from voicemail and email, and just get together and talk. Often issues that seemed insurmountable can be overcome, making everyone feel refreshed and energized.

Happy staff at a retreat
Business owner working with coach

executive Coaching

Being the boss can be lonely. By simply meeting with a coach who is committed to your success, you will have a sounding board who will help you make the decisions that are best for your company, your employees and you.


Succession Planning

Your business is more than just your job, it is your legacy. Leadership transition does not mean goodbye, but rather collaborating with your team to craft the next incarnation of your company and defining your new role. Together, we will craft a plan and a process that generates excitement about the future.

Retiring business owner planning for her future