What I Do

I am a professional with 20 years of experience leading nonprofit organizations who fundamentally understands how an organization's activities are interrelated.  Successful fundraising is dependent upon an actionable strategic plan, effective communications and staff empowerment.  I will meet you where you are and help you understand where you want to be.

Strategic Planning
The successful strategic plan must truly represent your organization.  I will work with leadership to establish a strategic planning committee that includes representatives from all levels of your organization and is empowered by leadership to freely consider the current environment and take advantage of opportunities.  The strategic process will proceed from the very general (Goals) to the very specific (Tactics).  Together, we will develop annual operational plans, complete with responsibilities, deadlines and measurements that move the organization towards its strategic goals.  Part of this process will include examining worst-case scenarios to empower stakeholders to prepare for and take advantage of new opportunities or the inevitable detours.  Most importantly, I will be there from the beginning of planning through the implementation phases.   

Board development
People join boards for the best of intentions. Somewhere between election and governing, there is something missing---board training.  As someone who spent his entire career working with board of directors, I can help organizations find, train, and sustain an engaged and effective board of directors.

Some organizations deep down understand what is ailing them, yet it takes someone who is impartial and experienced to come in and draw clarity. I can facilitate a retreat to help the board and staff come to common understanding of organizational issues and then unite around a simple plan to move forward. 

Resource Development
Without the financial resources to support and grow, an organization will not be able to achieve its mission.  I will provide charitable organizations a balanced approach to fundraising that includes individual, corporate, foundation, government and, where appropriate, earned income.  For associations, I will identify corporate sponsorships, non-dues revenues and strategic alliances with affinity organizations.  

I will help you craft authentic communications that resonate with your clients and your team and will use multiple streams (oral, print, digital and social media) to connect with your audiences.  Your communications will be both clear and compelling and will be an important tool for aligning all stakeholders.

Crisis Management
Bad things can happen to organizations that do good.  Whether it be the resignation of a key leader, a staff scandal or loss of a revenue stream, a crisis can affect your ability to fundraise or deliver your programs.  I will help you develop a strategy to address the issues in a calm, rational manner and craft effective communications that convey transparency and competency.

Executive Coaching
I will work with you to embrace the uncertainty and responsibility that comes with leadership and to help you develop the confidence and the competence to prioritize and execute organizational priorities.  By working with me, you will develop the agility to become a genuine and effective leader.

Team Building
I will work with leadership, staff and clients to develop long-term and genuine relationships within a framework of trust, enthusiasm and understanding.  Together, we will cultivate relationships that grow and deepen.  

Succession planning
Nonprofit organizations attract intelligent and committed people, people of great vision who work towards a greater good.  We can’t imagine what the organization would be like without these incredible people until it is too late and the organization is left reeling by their loss.  I can provide the structure and the procedure for developing a succession plan that is rationale, sensitive and will allow an organization to continue its good work without interruption.

Transitional Leadership
The time between leaders is stressful for all involved.  As interim leader, I will ensure all daily functions are accomplished, transitional materials are prepared for the incoming leader, and communications to leadership, staff, clients and partners are clear and frequent.

Change Management
Most people regard change as a frightening proposition, believing that the new reality will not include them.  Working with leadership and staff, I will help all participants realize that they have the power to write their own future.  If part of this change involves painful measures, such as reduction in staff, I will work with leadership to develop strategies that are open and transparent to minimize fear, confusion and low morale.

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