I am so grateful for everything that David has done for us. David was very thorough - he interviewed a variety of stakeholders, reviewed piles of documents and history and took the time to walk the staff and Board through the whole process. His insights and support were invaluable and we are looking forward to implementing the final plan and moving the organization ahead in the coming years.

—Dallas Tomlin, Executive Director, Escorted Transportation Northwest


Donor-based organizations Services

Diverse nonprofit staff developing strategies

Strategic Planning

Planning is easier than implementation and many strategic plans stall in the second year as an organization did not develop an implementation plan that takes into account what needs to done, by who and by when. I will facilitate a planning process that allows an organization’s leadership and staff to develop a shared long-term vision that clarifies and furthers its mission. We will examine and define services, resource development, governance and communication. At the end of the project, all stakeholders will understand and embrace the planning, implementation and evaluation processes.

Resource Development

Without the financial resources to support and grow, an organization will not be able to achieve its mission. I will provide an organization’s board and staff with the knowledge and guidance to develop a balanced approach to fundraising that includes individual, corporate, foundation, government and, where appropriate, earned income.

Smiling donor handing over a check
Diverse board of directors engaging in board training

Board training

People join boards for the best of intentions. Somewhere between election and governing, there is something missing---board training and evaluation. In addition, board members are called upon to do the last thing they want to do—fundraise. As someone who has spent his entire career working with board of directors, I can help organizations recruit, train, and sustain an engaged and effective board of directors who will embrace their roles as fundraisers.

Succession Planning

Nonprofit organizations attract intelligent and committed people, people of great vision who spend their careers in support of a greater good. We can’t imagine what the organization would be like without these incredible people until it is too late and the organization is left reeling by their absence. I can provide the structure and the procedure for developing a succession plan that is rationale, sensitive and allows an organization to continue its good work without interruption.

Current executive director congratulating new executive director
Staff discussing plans with interim executive director

Transitional Leadership

The time between leaders is stressful for all involved. As interim leader, I will ensure all daily functions are accomplished, transitional materials are prepared for the incoming leader, and communications to leadership, staff, clients and partners are clear and frequent.

Executive Coaching

I will work with the new executive director to embrace the uncertainty and responsibility that comes with leadership and help her or him develop the confidence and the competence to prioritize and execute organizational priorities. By working with me, she or he will develop the skills and agility to become a genuine and effective leader.

New nonprofit executive director working with coach